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Name of our Products Description
Ayurveda Healing Herbs - Single herbs 100% Natural - Ayurveda single herbs (like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, etc.)
Ayurveda Compounds - Mix Powders 100% Natural - Ayurveda compound powder herbs (like Triphala, Avipattikar, etc.)
Ayurveda Tablets 100% Natural - Ayurveda Tablets (vati) (like Chandraprabha, Manjisthadi etc.)
Ayurveda oils 100% Natural - Ayurveda oils (like Dashmool oil, Shirodhara oil, Anu oil, Kshirbala oil etc)
Longevity Products - Rasayanaprash,Chayavanaprash

100% Natural immunity enhancement and anti-ageing formulations

Khichari (Khichdi Products) A delicious Ayurvedic wholesome meal from Natures Own Treasure of medicinal herbs, spices, cereals and time tested traditional Ayurvdic formulations for Vata, Pitta, Kapha
Ayurveda Ghrits 100% natural Ayurveda Ghrits
Purest and potent ancient Ayurvedic Ghrits
Beauty Products For face, skin & Hair care
Herbal teas 100% Natural & caffeine free
Herbal Formulations 100% Natural complete formulations for Obesity, Arthritis, Cold & cough etc.
Panchakarma Equipments Like wooden massage table, Shirodhara stand and copper Shirodhara pot, portable steam bath unit etc.







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